BRIDGE Strategic Plan

The BRIDGE 2020 – 2024 strategic plan establishes a strengthened mission, vision and approach to the Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) program and partnership.

The global electoral environment is constantly changing and evolving.  BRIDGE will continue to provide the highest quality curriculum, facilitators and outcomes for all who engage with the program to manage these challenges.

This strategic plan builds on the achievements of the program’s twenty-year history and seeks to further enhance the reputation of BRIDGE as the preeminent electoral professional development program.


To support efforts in enhancing the credibility and sustainability of electoral processes through the provision of high-quality capacity development programs for electoral management bodies (EMBs) and stakeholders.


As part of broader electoral capacity development efforts, BRIDGE will deliver the world’s most comprehensive, relevant and contextually appropriate electoral professional development programs.

Objectives of BRIDGE

The objectives of BRIDGE are to:

  • promote internationally accepted principles of democracy and best electoral practice
  • enhance the professional skills and confidence of EMBs and stakeholders in the electoral process
  • foster a culture of learning through the promotion of global electoral knowledge products and the sharing of information, resources and experiences.

BRIDGE values

The underpinning values in the BRIDGE content and methodology are:

  • local ownership and empowerment 
  • sustainability
  • inclusive participation
  • commitment to ethical and democratic behaviours
  • flexible, non-prescriptive approaches, and
  • rigour and comprehensiveness.

Strategic pillars

Three interwoven pillars will support the achievement of the mission and vision of the 2020 – 2024 strategic plan.

Pillar 1: Partner contributions

The BRIDGE Partners commit to contributing their respective skills, expertise and resources to achieving a BRIDGE partnership model which:

  • facilitates effective leadership and oversight of BRIDGE
  • advocates adherence to the BRIDGE rules to maintain the quality and standard of BRIDGE
  • efficiently and effectively utilises the resources contributed by each Partner, and
  • protects the reputation of BRIDGE.

Pillar 2: Continued excellence

Continued excellence is building on the achievements of BRIDGE over the past 20 years to ensure BRIDGE maintains:

  • the highest quality curriculum that meets learning and development needs in a range of contexts, languages and cultures
  • a competent pool of accredited BRIDGE facilitators
  • its participatory adult education techniques with a distinctive values-based approach that delivers an engaging and rewarding learning experience, and
  • an accessible and responsive set of web-based tools and resources.

Pillar 3: Ensuring sustainability

As the global electoral environment changes, the BRIDGE Partners will proactively identify and respond to these changes by taking actions that keep BRIDGE fresh, relevant and the preferred electoral professional development program. Areas of focus will include:

  • the identification and establishment of strategic relationships that align with the BRIDGE values and contribute to the mission and vision of BRIDGE, including a stronger connection between BRIDGE and the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network.
  • implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities that demonstrate the value of BRIDGE programs
  • succession planning strategies within each Partner organisation to maintain knowledge of and commitment to BRIDGE, and
  • explore the use of technology to further streamline and modernise, where appropriate, the delivery and administration of BRIDGE.


The strategic plan is supported by an implementation plan that details the activities identified and agreed to by the BRIDGE Partners that will contribute to the achievement of the vision and strategic pillars detailed in the strategic plan.