About Version 2

7 February 2007

Some of the people involved with the development of BRIDGE Version 2:


Some of the people involved with BRIDGE Version 2






This table shows the status of Version 2 module development.

Module Title

Completion – Feb 07
Foundation Modules  
Foundation 1) Introduction to Electoral Admin 98%
Foundation 2) Strategic and Financial Planning 0%
Electoral Architecture  
Legal Framework 40%
Boundary Delimitation 98%
Electoral Systems 95%
Electoral Management Design 80%
Electoral Technology 90%
Working with Electoral Stakeholders  
Access to Electoral Processes 95%
Gender & Elections 85%
Electoral Contestants 75%
Electoral Observation 75%
Media and Elections 95%
Electoral Assistance 20%
Electoral Dispute Resolution
Voter Education 85%
Civic Education 85%
Electoral Operations  
Voter Registration 80%
Pre-election Activities 90%
Training of Electoral Officials 80%
Polling, Counting and Results 80%
Post Election Activities 80%
External Voting 10%


Other BRIDGE Documents  
Facilitators Information Booklet 50%
Participants Information Booklet 50%
Implementation Manual
Implementation Workshop Handbooks 95%
Train the Facilitators Handbooks 90%


As you can see, some modules are almost complete, whilst others are yet to be written! Most are at the editing stage.


This set of modules will be the ones edited first, and therefore completed first.The next (second) set of modules that are anticipated to be edited/completed next are:

  • Polling, Counting & Results
  • Voter Registration
  • Training of Polling Officials
  • Gender and Elections
  • Electoral Contestants

The next (third) set of modules that are anticipated to be edited/completed next are:

  • Voter Education
  • Civic Education
  • Electoral Management Design
  • Electoral Technology
  • Post-election Activities
  • Legal Framework

The last (fourth) set of modules that are anticipated to be edited/completed next are:

  • Electoral Assistance
  • Security
  • Electoral Dispute Resolution
  • External Voting
  • Strategic and Financial Planning

2007 Completion Timeline

The BRIDGE Partners are hoping to complete all modules (and other BRIDGE documents) by the end of June 2007. This continues to be a huge undertaking using extremely limited resources. We are in the process of finalising some final writing contracts to complete the last set of modules.We are also using a small number of editors who will be endeavouring to edit every module, on a rotational basis – working continuously over the next couple of months.Some draft material will be posted on the BRIDGE website Eand feedback will be invited from all BRIDGE facilitators and friends.

Using the Unfinished Modules

Many courses have been using and trialling unfinished Version 2 material. Caution needs to be taken to ensure that unofficial Version 2 drafts are appropriately labelled. Copyrighted material (where permissions to use such material in BRIDGE have not yet been secured) should not be used.

For Translating Purposes

The above information hopefully informs organisations about the likely completion date of Version 2. It is not recommended that Version 2 materials be translated before the curriculum is completed and signed off (officially approved by the partner organisations).However, if organisations choose to translate unfinished drafts they should be aware of the consequences of using incomplete material and they should plan to edit the material once the final versions have been published. If organisations wish to translate Version 2 material (before it is finished) they should consult the BRIDGE Project Office for advice as to what individual resources are finished, what files could be prioritised, etc. We can send the latest Word files as required.

The Introduction Module

The Introduction module is almost complete. The Facilitators Notes document is having some final touches to it before being edited, later in February. But most of the documents in the Facilitators Handbook and the Participants Handbook are complete and could be translated at any time.

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