3 April 2017



Thirty-Two (32) Administrative Secretaries of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC) benefited from a five (5) day BRIDGE Professional Development Training from 27 – 31 March 2017, as part of technical assistance from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), with funding from USAID and UKAID.

The Administrative Secretaries are second in command in the State Offices / Structure of INEC and they are the chief accounting officers and head of administrative processes at the State level of the Federal Republic.

The thematic focus of the training was on the following areas: EMBs Types, Functions & Case Studies; The Legal & Institutional Framework for Election Administrative in Nigeria; Challenges of Election Management in Nigeria; Concept of Free and Fair Election: Standards, Principles, Credibility & Ethics; Steps in Strategic Planning, Budgeting: Approaches and Forecasting; The structure of an Organisation – Steps, advantages and disadvantages of INEC Organisational Structure; Organisational Culture, Core Values, Essence and Effective Strategies for C and Communication within INEC; Job Analysis; Leadership and Emotional Intelligence; Electoral Dispute Resolution (EDR) – Concept Mapping, Standards and Principles of EDR; ECOWAS Gender and Election Framework Strategy (2017), INEC Gender Policy Implementation Guidelines, Challenges and Solutions; Electoral Security – Electoral Security Threats and Risk Assessment; and Election Security Plan.

The members of the facilitation team for the workshop include Uloma Mildred Osuala, Seray M. Jah and Obaje Ukeh with Theophilus Dowetin as lead. The training provided an opportunity for the 3 facilitators to gain their full accreditation.

All participants completed their reintegration plan to indicate what they could apply the knowledge acquired during the training within a period of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.


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