Another Successive Module Training: From an Island in the West to an Island in the East

4 November 2011

Another successive trainings, only 2 days apart were again conducted In Indonesia under the KPU-AEC BRIDGE banner.  This time the training took place first in Pangkalpinang, an island of Sumatera mainland, on September 15-18, 2011, for the participants, and a total of 9 day including the preparation and evaluation day for the facilitators, which means it was September 11-20, 2011 for the KPU-AEC team of facilitators. The training was followed by the Module Training in Kupang, another island in the eastern part of Indonesia, which for the facilitators’ starts on September 23 and ends on 31, 2011.

The Module Training in Pangkalpinang was facilitated by Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah of KPU West Java Province, Kelly Mariana of KPU Sumatera Selatan, Pujiarti of KPU Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, and Emil Satria Tarigan and Wahyu Yudi Wijayanti of KPU central, and Mareska Mantik of AEC.

While for the participants it was KPU Kepulauan Bangka Belitung commissioners and secretariat staff from the districts and municipalities, and participants from Papua Barat, Riau, Sulawesi Selatan provinces, and 1 KPU central staff. The total participants were 26.

Having conducted the Module Training in Pangkalpinang was such a challenge for the KPU Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. At the same time, the KPU was undergoing the final preparation days to officially launch the socialization phase of the local election for the Governor and the Vice Governor in there. The KPU therefore has to efficiently distribute not only the local staff to co-manage the training along with the AEC team, but as well to assign the participants from the districts.

The same enthusiasm from the participants as well as the highly motivated and skilled facilitators again made a memorable and effective training. During the 4 days of training many challenging issues and their recommendations were resulted during the group discussion. Compare to the other previous Module Trainings conducted, the one in Pangkalpinang became a real medium where the KPU province personel can really interact to discuss the real problems they are facing on their ongoing local elections. Some knowledge and suggestions, including those that were based on some local lesson learned and best practices were shared among the participants. That includes contribution made by the other participants who came from different provinces that have definitely enriched the discussion with their comparative experiences.

As for the Module Training in Kupang, the island on the eastern part of Indonesia, the neighbor of Timor Leste, another whole new atmosphere were found by the KPU-AEC BRIDGE team.

The facilitators for the training are Mareska Mantik of the AEC, Djidon De Haan of KPU NTT Province, and KPU central secretariat staff Sahruni Hasna, Yosmardin, and Eko Wahyudiono.

As for the participants, with a total of 26, it mostly came from the KPU NTT province, 1 KPU central staff, and representatives from Bengkulu, West Java, and East Java.

In his remark at the Kupang Module Training, Patrick Satie, the AEC Country Director for the Indonesia office expressed impression on how BRIDGE can be enjoyed by not only the facilitators who are facilitating the training, but as well the participants attending it, as what he sees in many BRIDGE training including in Kupang. He also gave the example of the good learning environment that surrounds the BRIDGE training can encourage a considerably less active of shy participants to be actively more engaged in the discussion and the group work.

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