Bangladesh’s Lively TtF!

3 October 2012

Bangladesh Election Commission Officers participated in a lively Train the Facilitator workshop at a Government Training Centre in Dhaka from 18th to 28th September 2012. This is the second TtF this year as the BEC aims to become self-sufficient in BRIDGE facilitation as part of a strategic goal of professional development within the Election Commission.  Alistair Legge and Helena Catt were the facilitators with some guest spots from Shahedunnnabi Chowdhury,  Fahmida Sultana and Mahmuda Afroz, who participated in the March TtF. The workshop was funded by UNDP, EU, DIFID and USAID.
The 20 participants took to all of the tasks with enthusiasm and confidence resulting in all 20 becoming semi-accredited at the end of the two weeks. Their customization, writing and facilitation work was consistently strong with plenty of lively discussion on current election issues.  
Participants were appreciative and enthusiastic about the adult learning methods and repeatedly commented on how effective and interesting the workshop was compared to the trainings that they were used to attending.  Several participants commented that their confidence had grown throughout the workshop and in the closing speeches the BEC Secretary noted that he had observed the lasting change in people who attend a BRIDGE workshop.
Enthusiasm, professionalism, laughter and willingness were nicely balanced to create a thoroughly enjoyable and productive TtF.  BRIDGE in Bangladesh has built a good foundation in 2012.

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