Bridge Access, Civic and Voter Education in Kribi, Cameroon on 29 September – 03 October 2014. “Kribi -The home of the Lobe Falls”

11 November 2014


Bridge Access, Civic and Voter Education in Kribi, Cameroon on 29 September – 03 October 2014. “Kribi -The home of the Lobe Falls”

Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AU), organised a 5 day BRIDGE training on Access to Electoral Processes, Civic and Voter Education Modules Course on 29 September -03 October 2014 at the seaside Resort in Kribi, in the South Region of Cameroon. The objective of the course was to provide capacity development to officials who came from the English speaking regions of Cameroon comprising of a Regional Heads, Divisional Heads, Council Heads and some officials from the Regional offices of the North West and South West Region.

BRIDGE was identified by ELECAM and the donor organization, AU a as the best resource in terms of the methodology and course content that meets the Commissions needs and expectations. T

The selection of the BRIDGE modules was informed by the recommendations on the lowering of the voting age from 20 years to 18 years and the need for better participation of the marginalized groups (Women, Persons with Disabilities and other minority groups) in the 2013 Municipal and Legislative Elections from the African Union Election Observation Mission (AUEOM) and other observer missions.

The program commenced on day one with a speech from the African Union Commission (AU) Head of the Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit, Ms. Shumbana Karume followed by a speech from the President of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) Dr. Fonkam Samuel Azu’u who officially opened the workshop.

The workshop was graced with the presence of Members of the Electoral Board (Commissioners) whose contributions throughout the course were valuable and very much appreciated. The commissioners who attended the course were:

o Prof. Dorothy Njeuma Limunga,

o Dr. Cecile Bomba Nkolo,

o Mr. Ejake Mbonda Thomas.

Twenty-five officials of Elections Cameroon attended the course. The experience, content knowledge and enthusiasm, demonstrated by the participants throughout the workshop contributed immensely to the aims and the objectives of the workshop. The positive team spirit amongst the participants and facilitators assisted everyone to perform to the best of their abilities.

Four facilitators participated in the delivery of the course (2 males and 2 females) They were:

o Sibongile Zimemo (Consultant; South Africa), Lead Facilitator

o Kofi Kye-Duodu (Electoral Commission of Ghana) Accredited Facilitator

o Kwalar Vera Muring (Elections Cameroon) Accredited Facilitator

o Mbuh Julius Choh (Elections Cameroon) Semi Accredited Facilitator

Mbuh Julius Choh obtained his full accreditation during this workshop.

The participants were also taken on an excursion to the Kribi Seaport under construction and to the Lobe falls (the only fall that flows into the sea.)

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