BRIDGE and South Africas IEC

4 February 2013

In collaboration with IDEA, the IEC hosted a five day BRIDGE course in Centurion at the IEC Head Office. The course held from 10th to 14th December 2012 was intended to serve a dual purpose being: accredit four semi-accredited facilitators and expose IEC participants to the “broader” voter registration process.

Preparations ahead of this training happened from 3rd December to 7th December. This intense preparation session was lead by Zefanias Matsimbe, a motivational and experienced facilitator. During this process we started by selecting a number of KU’s and LO’s. Facilitator’s then agreed on the Registration Module as the module they wished to present. As the preparations continued we created a timetable and later on an “indicative timetable” was formulated for the participants. Hand-outs and PowerPoint Presentations were prepared and fine-tuned. By Friday, t presentations, hand-outs, venue setup and stationery requirements were all prepared.

The Bridge facilitating team which prepared and delivered the course comprised:

  • Zefanias Matsimbe, Lead and Accrediting Facilitator, Consultant, Mozambique
  • Francina Rinkie Magagula, Semi-accredited Facilitator, IEC, South Africa
  • Rafick Charles, Semi-accredited Facilitator, IEC, South Africa
  • Elizabeth Ayanda Mhlauli, Semi-accredited Facilitator, IEC, South Africa
  • Rose Ramorasui Masetlane, Semi-accredited Facilitator, IEC, South Africa


The session was officially opened by Ambassador Mustaq Moorad, the Regional Director, Africa Programme, International IDEA, followed by a welcome speech by Mr Norman du Plessis, DCEO of IEC.

Seventeen participants from four provinces and national office participated. The scene was set and delegates co-operated and we had full participation.

During the first evaluation delegates expressed their opinions by congratulating us on a good team effort and mentioning that they have not seen the registration process from this point of view. They wanted to know more on BRIDGE. From this point as facilitators, we knew that we have set the scene correctly and we had full participation throughout the course. The course ended with a final assignment given to participants where they were grouped in their respective provinces. This assignment was given to all as a review exercise and for delegates to device an implementation plan based on the outcomes of the course. All provinces then presented to plenary.

A feedback session was held prior to closure. Amongst the excellent feedback from participants, was that they wanted more on BRIDGE and recommended that this BRIDGE module must be used as an induction for new employees.

The course officially closed on Friday with a certificate ceremony for all. The DCEO once again congratulated all with a short motivational speech and officially closed the session.

Indeed, the outcomes were achieved by both Facilitators and Participants. The four semi-accredited facilitators got their full accreditation. Thanks to International IDEA and IEC South Africa that made it happen.


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