BRIDGE Civic Education Workshop, Moldova May 2018

24 June 2018

group photo 1Moldovan librarians to become focal points for civic education

In the framework of the civic education campaign “Get involved!” organized by Center for Continuous Electoral Trainings (CCET) in partnership with Central Electoral Commission of Moldova, more than 70 librarians were trained to became focal points for civic education.

In Moldova, in the past years, the libraries turned into institutions that act as connectors in the community. Novateca program promoted the concept of modern library. According to them, a modern library:

  • assesses specific needs of community members and provides both traditional and innovative services in accordance to community fluctuations;
  • serves as a community hub by identifying and addressing community needs;
  • represents a vibrant community center, where users can gain new skills and competencies, learn new practices, and proactively spend time with the support of a competent and skilled librarian.

CCET was looking for solutions to its civic education programs to reach all over the country. So, the idea of using the network of libraries in the country appeared.

From 21st May to 01st June 2018, The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET) by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Moldova, conducted four two-days BRIDGE training workshops on “Civic Education and Voter Information” for librarians. In total, 71 people, mostly women, were trained to design and deliver programs of civic education following the eight steps approach. The gender imbalance among the participants is explained by the fact that there are only 3 male librarians in Moldova, the rest being women.

The workshops were facilitated by Dr. Doina BORDEIANU, BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator and Mrs. Aliona PLACINTA, semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitator. She has successfully developed and implemented her training knowledge and capacities and was fully accredited as BRIDGE workshop facilitator. “Being a member  of  the  BRIDGE  family  is  a  great  honour. I am  extremely  happy  and  delighted  to  have  obtained  the  next  level  of  qualification,  namely  workshop  facilitator. The  opportunity  to  work  with  experienced  facilitators  and  to  learn  by  doing  seems  to  me  an  extraordinary  opportunity,  for  which  I  thank  my  colleague  Doina  Bordeianu,  who  has  been  with  me  and  guided  me  all  the  time  with  valuable  advice.  I wish  that  in  the  future  I  can  share  the  experience  gained  with  as  many  participants  as  possible  and  grow  professionally  with  them.” – commented Aliona when she received the accreditation.

The workshop content was developed based on version 3 of “Civic Education and Voter Information” Module. The facilitators tailored them to the needs of the participants which had a basic electoral background, but a good experience in organizing various activities of community interest. All participants felt able to share their views and contribute in full BRIDGE spirit. They got excited and willing to become focal points for civic education in their localities. As follow up activities, the librarians should design and organize a civic education activity for their readers and promote the new CCET E-learning course „I elect my Parliament in 60 minutes”.

According to the evaluation made by the participants and the facilitators, the trainings represented a success. Participants have highly appreciated the BRIDGE methodology and the presented topics. The training received many positive feedbacks. Some of them are:

It was very interesting, dynamic, and funny but working atmosphere. This is the merit of the facilitators first of all and of course of the participants!


Before the seminar I couldn’t thought that there is so much to discuss about civic education and voter information


I learned a lot and had a great communication and useful exchange of experience with my colleagues.


When I return home, I will put in place a new modern library service „The small citizen’s club”

These BRIDGE workshops are the result of a partnership established between CCET and the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Moldova with the aim to involve the existing network of libraries and librarians in conducting the civic education activities. The trainings were organized in the framework of the citizens’ education and information campaign “Democracy Counts” by the CCET in partnership with the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova (CEC), carried out under the “Strengthening democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections” project implemented by UNDP Moldova.


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