BRIDGE for Media Professionals in Cairo

14 March 2010

A BRIDGE workshop was held in Cairo, Egypt for Media professionals from 1 – 4 March 2010 covering the electoral Systems, Media and Voter Information modules. The training workshop covered a period of 4-days. This workshop is a part of a project implemented by IFES and UNDP in partnership with the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR). The training focused on the role of the Media in voter education/information and media coverage of elections. Electoral systems and women quotas also were discussed since Egypt has recently adopted a women’s quota in the parliament. Eighteen participants representing both public and independent media participated in the 4-day training course as well as Political Science Professors and Judges. Six of the eighteen participants were women.

Three facilitators participated in the workshop:

  1. Wael Al-Farag (Expert Facilitator, Iraq)
  2. Ossama Kamel (Expert Facilitator, Egypt)
  3. Nabil Shalaby  (Workshop Facilitator, NCHR, Egypt)

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The following is an excerpt from the participants’ feedback on the training:

  1. The methodology used in delivering the sessions and information to the participants was untraditional and unique.
  2. We were covering elections in a random way, but during this workshop we have learned how to report on elections in a professional manner taking into consideration international standards.
  3. We have gained more in-depth technical knowledge about elections, and our responsibilities as stakeholders in the electoral process.
  4. This workshop has built “bridges” among us: journalists, academics and judges.
  5. I learnt a lot about the electoral process in Egypt and new techniques in covering elections.We used to believe that our role in the electoral process is marginal.
  6. This workshop has helped us to better understand the importance of our role in voter education, monitoring elections and covering candidates/parties platforms.
  7. I recommend conducting similar workshops to our peers (media, judiciary and academics), civil society, candidates, opinion leaders, State Information Service, Electoral Management Bodies in Egypt and teachers. Also to implement such workshops in different governorates.

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