BRIDGE in Sudan: Effective tool during operational periods

20 November 2009

This includes providing technical assistance to the National Elections Commission of Sudan (NEC) to prepare for the upcoming voter registration process scheduled to take place during November 2009.

IFES has assisted in developing the voter registration plans and is collaborating with the UN (UNMIS – EAD and UNDP) team in Sudan to develop the capacity of NEC to effectively plan and implement logistical support operations. Two workshops on logistical planning were requested by NEC to enhance capacity of heads of states committees and states’ warehouse managers in planning and implementing logistical support operations for the voter registration process. The first workshop was held in Juba 29 Sep. – 1 Oct. 2009; the second workshop was held in Khartoum 4 – 6 October 2009. These workshops are evidence of successful hybrid between event specific technical assistance and BRIDGE.

Training topics were carefully designed / tailored to suit the immediate needs of the target group and the local context in Sudan. The Agenda covered topics directly related to the logistical operations participants will carry out in preparation for the voter registration process.

The course preparation started early enough before the training. Communications and coordination took place between IFES, UNMIS and UNDP to ensure that all materials and logistical arrangements are in place. IFES and UNDP coordinated the production of the Planning of Logistical Support Operations training manual (in English and Arabic) that was distributed to the participants during the training. The facilitators also used some BRIDGE materials and produced the necessary power point presentations and handouts to effectively supplement the training materials that were distributed to the participants during the course.

BRIDGE training methodology was used in this training and that was one of the main factors of the success of this training. The facilitation team succeeded in creating an enabling environment for a collective learning process where the participants learn and build experiences together, and where learning involves a high level of active participation by everyone. Participants showed high level of engagement and enthusiasm and appreciated the BRIDGE methodology and the participatory training approach.

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