BRIDGE in the oldest city on earth!

7 February 2010

A BRIDGE workshop was held in Jericho, Palestine for the Palestinian Central Elections Commission (CEC) from 10 – 13 January 2010 covering the Training and Pre-Elections Activities modules. The training workshop covered a period of 4-days. The training topics were chosen to match the current needs of CEC since Palestine is in the pre-elections phase though the exact date is not known yet. This situation calls for the CEC to be prepared with a complete pre-election plan leading to Election Day. Twenty participants representing CEC’s headquarters and regional offices participated in the 4-day training workshop. Four of the twenty participants were women.

Four facilitators participated in the workshop:

  1. Ossama Kamel – consultant, lead facilitator
  2. Suhair Abdeen – Palestinian CEC, fully-accredited BRIDGE facilitator
  3. Hatem Sa’afeen – Palestinian CEC, semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitator
  4. Anis Abu Sbaa’- Palestinian CEC, semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitator

    Hatem Sa’afeen and Anis Abu Sbaa’ obtained their full accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators after actively participating in both the preparation and delivery of this workshop. CEC now has four fully accredited BRIDGE facilitators that are capable of designing, preparing and implementing BRIDGE training workshops within CEC’s different departments.

    The following is an excerpt from the participants’ feedback on the training:

    “I got to know the work of other departments within CEC and the challenges they face”.

    “Comprehensive understanding of all steps in the electoral process”.

    “The training approach was new, successful and effective”.

    “This workshop will positively affect my work since I understand better now the electoral process”.

    “It added a lot to my knowledge and taught me new things I did not know because I work in a department that is not directly related to the electoral process”.

    “I learnt about preparing and delivering training and the electoral process, especially logistics”.

    “I learnt now that all CEC’s departments work as one unit where each department complements the work of the others”.

    “I learnt very detailed and precise logistic information”.

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