BRIDGE on the shores of Lake Chad

15 June 2017



April 3 -14, 25 representatives from the Chadian Constitutional Council, Electoral Commission, National Assembly and civil society organizations, committed to follow the 10-day BRIDGE training of trainers workshop. The training was hosted by the office of the UNDP in Chad and was made possible with the generous support of the Japanese government.


Most participants were introduced to the BRIDGE methodology for the first time and were marveled by it. It is expected that the 25 participants trained will then go back to their respective institutions and employ the BRIDGE methodology and curriculum in their daily work and electoral administration trainings.


The closing ceremony was presided by Ali Souleymane Bachar, Minister of Territorial Administration and Local Governance. The Resident Representative of UNDP/Chad, Carol-Flore Smereczniak, the President of the Constitutional Council, the Secretary General of the National Assembly and the representative of the High Communication Council also took part in the closing ceremony while congratulating the participants for becoming semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitators.


The Training-of-Trainers was facilitated by: 

Ms. Kamissa Camara, BRIDGE Expert Facilitator; Ms. Véronique Kando, Accrediting BRIDGE facilitator and Former Vice-President of the Burkina Faso Electoral Commission; Mr. Dieudonné Tshiyoyo, Workshop Facilitator and UNDP Regional Electoral Expert; Mr. Baïdessou Soukolgué, BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator.


Both participants and facilitators enjoyed the time spent together. At the end of the training, some participants gave the following testimonies:

I will use the BRIDGE methodology to prepare, facilitate and evaluate my trainings and activities. This methodology will be extremely useful even in the planning of the trainings.”  Marie Larlem

It is thanks to BRIDGE that all of our different institutions that are involved in the electoral process get to know one another. The sharing of experiences was marvelous” – Ali Ahmat Hissein

I would like to obtain my full accreditation as soon as possible. I am ready to be a BRIDGE Ambassador everywhere in the world! Thank you BRIDGE, thank you UNDP!”– Marcelin Toidom Nodjindo

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