BRIDGE Partnership Expands to Five Organisations

7 April 2007


From the left: Jean-Pierre Kingsley (will take up the position as IFES’ President in June 2007), Ian Campbell (Commissioner of the Australian Electoral Commission), Richard Soudriette (President, IFES), Scott Smith (UN Electoral Assistance Division), Linda Maguire (Senior Electoral Adviser, UNDP). In the middle: Andrew Ellis (Director of Operations, International IDEA)

A new version on the BRIDGE curriculum will be launched mid-2007 containing 23 modules. BRIDGE is the most comprehensive professional development course available on electoral processes. It has been developed by electoral administrators themselves, people with wide experience of elections in many different countries and contexts. It improves the skills, knowledge, and confidence both of election professionals and key stakeholders in the electoral process including members of the media, political parties, and electoral observers. BRIDGE has been run in more than 25 countries to date. For more information please see the new BRIDGE Booklet V2.



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