BRIDGE Regional Train the Facilitator Workshop in Amman

2 December 2010

The TtF participants have been engaged from day 1 with the methodology and materials of BRIDGE project, with a focus on the training skills, methodology and techniques. During the fist paired presentations in week 1 of the course the participants were divided in pair groups and allocated an activity from the different curriculum modules.

For the BRIDGE material writing materials exercise and the second paired presentations participants were required to write a new BRIDGE activity covering any topic from the 24 modules of BRIDGE. Participants developed some very rich, new, and useful activities that can be added to the BRIDGE curriculum.

The aim of the Train the Facilitator workshop was to accredit a high-quality group of Facilitators for the BRIDGE Project. In particular, the TtF was designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To train selected participants in existing content and content development and methodology of the BRIDGE Project;
  • To provide the participants with supported experience in conducting the BRIDGE Project;
  • To provide trainees with the opportunity to modify existing and develop new BRIDGE materials;
  • To provide a mechanism for assessing the participants capacity to facilitate the BRIDGE Project to the required standard.

The 19 participants came from a variety of national and international organizations involved in electoral processes and democracy. They represented national EMBs- Iraq and Palestine,  National institutions- Political parties council in Sudan and CAWTAR in Tunisia, International organisations, UNDP, UNDP Iraq, as well as independent practitioners in the field of electoral processes. Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Tunisia were represented in the workshop.

The TtF course was hosted at the Kempenski hotel in Amman. It was facilitated by Emad Yousef, Ossama Kamel, International IDEA, and Sawsan Al-Taweel.

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