BRIDGE returns to Chad for Planning

15 December 2011

As a component of the Promoting Elections, Accountability and Civic Engagement (PEACE) Project in Chad, the BRIDGE Workshop for Strategic & Financial Planning was held between the 5 and 7 of December 2011 in Dandi, Chad.

PEACE is a 2-year program funded by USAID to promote broader citizen participation in democratic processes through peaceful, free and fair legislative and presidential elections. Counterpart International, together with PEACE partners International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), and the Management Systems International (MSI), works closely with the Commission Électorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI) and the Bureau Permanent des Elections (BPE) to effectively administer electoral processes; improve the ability of civil society organizations (CSOs) to inform the public through elections and government accountability campaigns; and to increase the ability of electoral and civic institutions to resolve disputes and mitigate and manage election-related conflict.

The twenty (20) participants who attended the workshop were members of the CENI and the BPE, the main stakeholders of the electoral process in Chad who stayed at the Rock of Dandi Hotel for the purpose of this three (3) days BRIDGE workshop.

“It is important to develop the capacities of the members of our Electoral Management Body” said the president of the CENI during the workshop closing ceremony during which participants received certificates of participation. The workshop was facilitated by Eliane Torres and Raphael Ndayengenge.

The feedback from the participants included the following statements:

“Cette formation est extrêmement importante pour nous.”

“Je suis très satisfait de cette méthodologie qui est très participative.”

“La formation a été à la hauteur de nos attentes. “

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