BRIDGE Returns to its Roots in East Timor

23 December 2007

After meetings between members of the Secretariado Tecnico Administracao Eleitoral(STAE) and the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in September of this year, a programme was developed to deliver a range of BRIDGE modules throughout 2008 leading into the local government elections scheduled for December 2008. The principle objective being to develop the capacity of the staff and STAE as an institution to enable them to administer the best possible electoral events with little or no external assistance.


Key to the delivery of these modules in 2008 was the need to familiarise the East Timorese facilitators with Version 2, build on their confidence and to have as many staff as possible go through the BRIDGE Introductory Modules.

Week one consisted of 28 permanent STAE staff participate, including 13 District Officers and week two saw 31 participants including temporary staff, NGO members and members of the media.

The modules were co-facilitated by Dulce Guterres Junior and Eduardo Casimiro de Deus from STAE and Alistair Legge from the AEC. One of the key challenges faced by Facilitators and participants was the delivery of the modules using material in Tetum, Bhasa and in English.

Alistair said, Dulce and Eduardo are superb Facilitators and it was a lot of fun and very rewarding to work with them. Some of the original BRIDGE participants from 2001 remarked how good it was to have BRIDGE being held once again in East Timor

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