BRIDGE Showcase for the League of Arab States (LAS)

24 November 2013

The first BRIDGE Showcase for LAS took place at the headquarters of the LAS in Cairo – Egypt on November 06, 2013. UNDP Regional Centre in Cairo (RCC) sponsored the event. Twenty-six participants from the LAS participated in the 1-day training course, sixteen of them were women. LAS took the lead on identifying and selecting the participants, covering different departments related to elections within LAS. Participants came from twelve LAS member-states. Some of the participants had been exposed to BRIDGE in one way or the other, while for other participants it was the first time.

During the showcase participants were exposed to BRIDGE resources, materials and methodology.  The activities used were taken from several modules such as Introduction to Electoral Administration, Boundary Delimitation and Electoral Systems.

The workshop was very much appreciated by the participants. Most of them were eager to start implementing BRIDGE and highlighted the modules they wanted to be run soon.

The facilitation team consisted of: Ahmed A. El-Wahed, Hassan Hussein and Ossama Kamel.

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