BRIDGE Train the Facilitator Course, Entebbe, UGANDA

23 July 2010

In preparation for the upcoming Elections in February and March 2011; the Electoral Commission of Uganda – EC  organised a Train the facilitator (TtF)  course in Entebbe, Uganda on 22 June – 03 July 2010.

The training was held at the Emperial Botanical Beach Hotel which is situated at the foot of Lake Victoria which boast itself with such magnificent views. This workshop was the second Train the Facilitator Course in  a series of capacity development worshops that are planned and funded by the Commission in conjuction with the Government of Uganda. The objective is to provide capacity building training for Commisioners, national office staff, regional and district managers prior to the Elections in order to facilitate in the cascading training of election staff on activities befor, during and after elections including  polling, counting and results.

BRIDGE has been identified by the Electoral Commission of Uganda as the best resource in terms of curriculum and methodology that meets the Commissions needs for capacity building for the entire organisation and as such the commission intends to organise a number of worshops on several BRIDGE modules after the Elections.

The 22 participants who are all employed by the Electoral commission, in various capacities in the national office, regional and districts offices were selected on the basis of their experience and expertise as electoral administrators and as trainers . The experience, content knowledge, commitment and enthusiam exhibited by these hardworking  participants throughout the workshop contributed to the success of the training.  In the evaluation of the course all participants expressed how much they enjoyed the training both in terms of content and facilitation; most put emphasis on how much they benefited from the course , the mileage the organisation will gain and that the soon the Commission will realise the key indicators stemming from embarking on this project.  The uniqueness and flexibility of BRIDGE curriculm and methodology will assist them in carrying out their training programmes. 

The facilitators conducted the course in English:

  • Sibongile Zimemo (Consultant – South Africa)
  • Molly Kamumkama (Uganda Electoral Commission – EC)
  • Charles Mashate (Uganda Elecroral Commission – EC)
  • Penny  Komuhendo (Uganda Electoral Commission – EC)

The training topics and Workshop Agenda ( 10 Day workshop)

  • Day 1 & 2 – Introduction to BRIDGE, methodology, Key understandings, Learning outcomes of the TtF, Learning Styles, training techniques and challenges
  • Day 3 & 4 – First set of paired presentations on existing BRIDGE topics and activities
  • Day 5 & 6 – Curriculum writing skills, Preparation for the second set of paired presentations
  • Day 7 & 8 – Second set of paired presentations on   existing BRIDGE topics and new learning outcomes and activities developed by the participants
  • Day 9 – BRIDGE implementation, drafting of plans for training in participants regions and districts
  • Day 10 – Individual evaluation of participants by facilitators and Introduction to BRIDGE website


The positive spirit among the team of participants and facilitators assisted in meeting the leaning outcomes and in achieving the aims of the course. All those involved gained tremendously from this experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Electoral Commission for organising the workshop and providing an environment so condusive for learning; to the facilitators for your hard work and committment. Thank you to the  participants for your dedication and remaining eager to learn throughout the 10 days and for staying awake even on that day we needed to continue way beyond the stipulated time; you have all earned your accreditation.

They say luck is for chancers therefore I would like to wish you everything of the best for the Elections you have the capacity to pull it off!!

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