BRIDGE Training for KPU Southeast Sulawesi Province

15 June 2015

KPU Indonesia in cooperation with KPU Province of Southeast Sulawesi, independently implemented the first BRIDGE Module Training this year and the first time after a two years delayed. It is also the first time KPU Indonesia implemented BRIDGE Module Training without funding from any BRIDGE partner or donor organization. This training was implemented for the EMBs of 17 regions in Southeast Sulawesi.

BRIDGE MT was conducted by accrediting level facilitator, Kelly Mariana and workshop facilitators Binsar Siagian and Partono Samino from 27 – 30 May 2015 in Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province. In total 22 participant attended the training (unfortunately only one of which was female), representing KPU from 7 regencies and and KPU Province of Southeast Sulawesi that are going to have local election in December 2015.

The training content covered 4 Modules of BRIDGE which are Introduction to Election Administration, Voter Information, Voter Education and Strategic Planning Modules.

The training run smoothly and participative for 4 days. The participants were excited day by day for what they were getting each day. Participant feedback from the training was very positive. They were enthusiastic and committed in imparting and implementing the skills and knowledge gained from the BRIDGE Module Training.

One of participant said “ I knew I’ve learned a lot about election, but in this time in this training I learned a lot about election in different way, very participative training, good methodology, enjoyable, happy and the topic was always interesting”.

KPU Indonesia in corporate with 5 other KPU Province in eastern part of Indonesia had scheduled 5 other BRIDGE Module Training until beginning of September 2015.

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