BRIDGE training workshops in Juba

30 August 2011

IFES South Sudan has organized two BRIDGE training workshops in Juba to support domestic stakeholder decision-making and build capacity to manage electoral processes during the post-independence period. Both workshops present the Introduction to Election Administration Module. The first workshop was conducted from 22-26 August and the second from 29 August to 2 September 2011.

The workshops were designed to provide participants with an understanding of fundamental concepts in election administration and related activities:

Day 1: Introduction to Electoral Management, Principles, and Standards for Free and Fair Elections,

Day 2: Legal Frameworks,

Day 3: Election Management Body Design,

Day 4: Voter Registration,

Day 5: Electoral Cycle, Planning, and Sustainability of Electoral Processes.

The participants represented a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups, including the former referendum administration, civil society, political parties, legislative assembly, census bureau, and ministries of justice and parliamentary affairs.

The BRIDGE facilitators were Ibrahima Amadou Niang, Deryck Fritz, and Emad Yousef.

The Republic of South Sudan declared independence on 9 July 2011. The Transitional Constitution (TC) mandated that an elections law be passed within three months of independence and an independent election commission be appointed one month after the passage of the law. The National Elections Commission will be expected to run by-elections in the near future and general elections towards the end of the four-year transitional period after the conduct of a population census. 

IFES is poised to provide technical assistance to electoral processes to build the capacity for managing electoral activities during the transitional period: development of an election act, electoral reform debate, design and establishment of an election commission, and conduct of by-elections and general elections.

The BRIDGE Introduction to Election Administration workshops will be followed by a more comprehensive BRIDGE program to be implemented by IFES over the next 12 months.

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