BRIDGE TtF workshop for the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

30 May - 8 June 2023


UNDP in coordination with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) have organized the third BRIDGE TtF workshop for ECP staff. Eighteen participants from different regions of Pakistan attended the workshop that took place from May 30 to June 08, 2023 in Islamabad, Pakistan. 3 of the participants were women. 

 Five BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of this TtF: 

  1. Asif Ali Yasin – ECP BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator, Pakistan
  2. Nighat Siddique – ECP BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator, Pakistan
  3. Abdul Wahid – ECP BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator, Pakistan
  4. Ossama Kamel – Independent BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator, France
  5. Salma Hassan – UNDP BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator, Pakistan


All TtF participants worked hard in preparing and delivering their paired presentation and other tasks earning their TtF Complete accreditation by the end of the workshop. 

You can read more about this highly successful event here: UNDP’s Commitment to Strengthening Democracy in Pakistan | United Nations Development Programme

Ossama Kamel, Salma Hassan, Asif Ali Yasin, Wahid Abdul, Nighat Siddique
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body, Observers
English, Urdu
Modules used at this workshop:
Train the Facilitator (TTF)
Expected Outcomes:
Professional Development of Staff