BRIDGE Version 2 Completed

18 December 2007

The Version 2 curriculum will soon be completely uploaded to this website.


20 modules are on the web (as at end of December 2007) and the remaining 3 modules will be uploaded by the middle of January 2008.


Thank you to all those writers and editors that have contributed to this massive endeavour. We will of course acknowledge all contributions in the written course material, as well as on the web.




A New Phase



It is envisioned that Version 2 will not be replaced by a Version 3! But instead, modules will be continually updated and improved as required. We will further elaborate on this process in later newsletters.




Now that version 2 is complete, we enter a new BRIDGE era one of trialling, implementation, and expansion. More information about these phases will be provided as they emerge. Much of this will be the focus of discussion at the Partner Committee meeting of 2008.




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