BRIDGE Workshop in Sudan

28 March 2011

This is a report of BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Election) Workshop for United Nations Integrated Referendum and Electoral Division (UNIRED) staff from both Northern and Southern Sudan.

The five (5) day BRIDGE Course was conducted from 20th – 24th (inclusive) February 2011. Mr. Vincent Da Cruz, Chief of Operations, UNIRED opened the workshop giving it the stamp of high level support it required. Annetta Flanigan, the Procedures & Training Advisor in charge of organising the BRIDGE workshop also spoke at the opening stating the importance of the BRIDGE training.

This was the first time UNIRED was conducting a BRIDGE workshop for its staff. Even though, the Southern Sudan Referendum had concluded by this time; it was necessary to implement this workshop in preparation for elections expected to be held in South Kodorfan in April or May 2011. In April 2010, general elections were held in all other parts of Sudan except for South Kodorfan because of prevailing tensions and problems relating to the census then. It was agreed that the elections will be held within a year and the Sudan National Electoral Commission declared the elections for April 2011

As indicated, because this was the first BRIDGE workshop; it was necessary to include the Module on Introduction to Elections Administration. This was a BRIDGE workshop on Electoral Systems and Pre-Election Activities Modules. Participants were also exposed to BRIDGE facilitation skills (methodology) – learning, training and communication skills.

The following was the Facilitation Team:

  1. Koki Muli (lead facilitator)
  2. Fernanda Lopes (Accrediting Facilitator)
  3. Dalia Eissa (semi-accredited facilitator)

There were two guest Facilitators who made one presentation each:

  1. Annetta Flanigan, UNIRED and
  2. George from UNDP, also an Accrediting BRIDGE Facilitator

The five-day BRIDGE workshop was sponsored by UNIRED and was held at UNMIS compound in Khartoum – a reasonably comfortable venue. All the Facitators generously donated their time and expertise probono and were greatly appreciated.

We are very pleased to welcome our newest fully accredited facilitator, Dalia Eissa, (BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator) to the BRIDGE family. She worked very hard during the preparations and the workshop and significantly contributed to its success and she was an excellent co-facilitator and I am proud and humbled by her hard work and commitment; I have no doubt; being among very few Arabic speaking female facilitators; she has her work cut out for her – especially in view of the developments in the Arab world and the potential demands for BRIDGE training. It was also a great pleasure for me to co-facilitate with a seasoned, very knowledgeable and pleasant professional such as Fernanda Lopes. Thank you to all our colleagues.

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