BRIDGE Workshop in the Electoral Education and Information Center (EEIC) in Nepal

12 January 2012

The Election Commission of Nepal is pushing and probing itself as a dynamic and capable professional institution in the field of election management through its diverse nature of activities. Managing and organizing each and every election in a professional manner without compromising the integrity needs hugely concerted efforts. ECN seems to have aptly recognized the challenges. In response, ECN has formulated its first five years strategic plan for 2009‐2013 as one of the key approaches which is under implementation since last two and half years. As part of ECN five years strategic plan and given a high priority placed on sustainable professional capacities, information dissemination, voter education, outreach and research, theECN has developing and establishing an Electoral Education and Information Centre (EEIC) at its headquarters in Kathmandu.

Recently, the ECN has deployed its staff to work in the centre. To make them aware in their new organization and their own roles and responsibilities in the centre is an urgent need. In order to address the needs a three day customized BRIDGE introductory course has tailored and delivered accordingly.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide basic knowledge and information about electoral principles and standards that can help them to make EEIC as a centre of excellence in relation to disseminating, educating and providing information on electoral matters/aspects.
  • To make them a clear understanding on the roles and responsibilities of EEIC and their own as a staff member of EEIC.


Activities in EEIC:

  • Museum/Foyer
  • Mini‐theater/DVD
  • Information center/interaction area
  • Mock polling
  • Library and online library
  • Training (National and International)
  • Outreach coordination
  • Civic/electoral/voter education
  • Media center


Course Module:

  • Introduction to Electoral Management – Electoral Cycle, Election Tree, Electoral
  • Principles, Types of EMBs, Stakeholders and Public Outreach
  • Electoral Systems‐ Electoral Systems Families, Debate on FPTP and PR
  • EEIC – EEIC an Introduction, Roles explanation of EEIC, EEIC role play and next steps for EEIC, Facilitation and Presentation Skills.
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
Expected Outcomes: