BRIDGE workshop on Civic Education and Voter Information in Tanzania

11 September 2015



The UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Tanzania is committed to provide technical support in the preparation for the critical electoral events in the country, through the Democratic Empowerment Project (DEP).In the context of the above-mentioned project, UNDP in partnership with NEC (National Electoral Commission), ZEC (Zanzibar Electoral Commission) and selected CSOs already members of the Voter Education Reference Groups, conducted a three-day workshop on Civic Education and Voter Information, from 26 to 28 August 2015, in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. With 18 participants (8 Females and 10 Males) drawn from NEC, ZEC and Tanzanian CSOs (TAYOA, TEN/MET, CCT, UWZ, TAMWA and MCT) the course was facilitated by Zefanias Matsimbe (accrediting facilitator).

The aim of the workshop was to enhance the skills, knowledge, and confidence both of EMBs officers and professionals from CSOs in the electoral process. More specifically, the workshop was designed to reach the following objectives: to train participants on principles of civic education, voter education, voter information and different mediums of conducting such activities/campaigns; to provide the participants with tools for preparation, design and planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of civic education and voter information programmes; and also to provide trainees with meaningful reflections on the opportunity of enhancing social inclusions while designing activities, considering how to target specific vulnerable groups (including women, youth and PWDs).

DEP is a three-year electoral cycle programme which is managed by UNDP though a multi-donor basket fund supported by Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, European Union, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The project aims to strengthen the credibility and capacity of key institutions in Tanzania to effectively implement elections management.


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