Building a Network of Civic Educators in Bhutan

21 January 2014

The Election Commission of Bhutan towards building a network of civic educators, engaged a network of people in the Bhutanese education system for delivery of Democracy Civic Education in the country. While the country’s education system already has civics curriculum, the Commission, towards ensuring interactive learning beyond the classroom, instituted Democracy Clubs beginning 2012.

This BRIDGE Civic Education Workshop was attended by School Principals, Democracy Club Coordinators (Teachers) and District Electoral Officers for coordination, collaboration and uniform implementation of Club activities in the schools and educational institutions. A total of 94 participants attended the workshops in three different batches.

The workshops, besides exploring different ideas of civic education activities and skills, also provided opportunities to share the Club activities conducted by different schools/educational institution through presentation and discussion. While these presentations saw many activities in common, they were also able to get new ideas and activities for implementation.

The workshop also introduce one board game “Sim Democracy” to be introduced to school children and teachers in the schools/educational institution, sponsored by German non-profit organization Friedrich Neumann Foundation.

These BRIDGE workshops were conducted by Kinley, Accrediting BRIDGE workshop Facilitator and Sr. Training Coordinator of Election Commission of Bhutan with the support of the following:

  1. Gem Tshewang, Training Coordinator and BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator;
  2. Yangchen Dolkar, Gewog Admin. Officer and BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator;
  3. Sonam Tobgyal, Dy. Chief Electoral Registration Officer and BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator;
  4. Tshering Peldon, Gewog Admin. Officer and BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator;
  5. Needup, Electoral Registration Officer and Partially Accredited Facilitator; and
  6. Kuenga, Asst. Election officer and Partially Accredited Facilitator;
  7. Tashi Dema, Gewog Admin. Officer and Partially Accredited Facilitator; and
  8. Chimi Wangmo, Asst. Accounts Officer and Partially Accredited Facilitator.

Further, three partially accredited facilitators were accredited as Workshop Facilitators based on their performance and improved skills of facilitation.

These BRIDGE workshops were conducted by Election Commission of Bhutan with technical assistance from Australian Electoral Commission, funded by the Australian Government.

The opening of these BRIDGE workshops was graced by Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, Election Commissioner Aum Deki Pema and Dasho Dzongdag Sherub Tenzin, Monggar Dzongkhag Administration.

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