Building Facilitator Friendships

26 November 2008


 Thanks go to the AEC, NSW State Management Team for generously extending an invitation to use the meeting facilities in the State Office. Further thanks also go to Paul Dacey, Acting AEC Electoral Commissioner, and Barbara Davis, AEC First Assistant Commissioner, for attending the meeting and part of the workshop respectively.


The contributions of all who attended were valuable, insightful and productive. The workshop was conducted for BRIDGE implementers and lead facilitators from several continents and many organisations – representatives from IDEA, IFES, UNDP, AEC and independent facilitators travelled both long and short distances to attend. This is the last of a trio of meetings to develop a Version 2 BRIDGE Implementation Manual. The first of the workshops was held in Canberra in May 2008 and the second in Cairo in July, 2008. Many of the people who attended this workshop have also contributed to the development of the Draft V2 Implementation Manual over the past few months. Significant work to produce the Draft Manual was also done by Yvonne Goudie, Melanie Chan, Ross Attrill and Therese Laanela.



BRIDGE Implementers and Partners in Sydney


There was an extremely engaging and invigorating ‘buzz’ throughout the five days. The workshop devoted itself to the finalisation of text, tables, checklists and annexes which will form the final Version 2 BRIDGE Implementation Manual. A significant contribution was also made to the restructuring of the Manual. Major contributions occurred under the following headings: aims and objectives, needs assessment and evaluation, customisation and translation, partner relationships and communication, regionalisation and facilitator roles and responsibilities.


The workshop concluded by developing a series of recommendations from the point of view of implementers and facilitators. The recommendations were prepared in readiness for presentation to the BRIDGE Partner Meeting.

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