CENI Bridges From Ngozi Heights

29 May 2013

As the Electoral Commission of Burundi (CENI) is preparing for the 2015 presidential elections, one of their main challenges will be to effectively work with all electoral stakeholders in order to build trust in the process. In collaboration with CENI and funded by GIZ, International IDEA and the African Union organized two five-day simultaneous workshops in Burundi in order to build the capacities of the electoral commission staff to enhance their collaboration with stakeholders. Both workshops were held in Ngozi (northern part of Burundi) from April 15th to April 19th 2013.


Forty one staff of the electoral commission were trained in Ngozi. Participants were: 4 commissioners, 6 heads of departments, 8 managers, 18 light structures managers, 2 officers, 2 legal analysts and 1 support staff. Gender balance was very good as 18 females out of 41 participants took part in the training.

This BRIDGE workshop was conducted 1) to introduce participants to the BRIDGE curriculum; 2) to introduce participants to the core principles and operations in electoral administration 3) to provide participants with knowledge and strategies to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and promote inclusivity.

Specific training activities included: Legal framewok of elections in Burundi; Principles of election management; Planification of operations in the electoral process; Logistics of electoral operations; Voter registration; Technology and elections; Analysis of the opportunities and threats ahead of the 2015 elections; Access to the electoral process; EMB – Stakeholder relationships; Election Dispute Resolution related to Voter Registration.

The trainings were a unique opportunity for the CENI staff to understand their respective platforms and formulate strategies to identify and explore their comparative advantages. In addition, the workshop helped the CENI to reflect on its vision, its internal functioning and long-term strategy as a democracy building institution.

The first team which conducted the training at Hotel Des Plateaux was led by Ms Kamissa Camara (BRIDGE expert facilitator). Other members of the team were: Mr Pierra Claver Ndayicariye (CENI Chairman and BRIDGE workshop facilitator; Mrs Agnes Ndayikeza (BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator) and Mr Remegie Gahungu (BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator).

The second team which conducted the training at Hotel Kigobe and was led by Mr Ibrahima Amadou Niang from the West Africa office of International IDEA. Other members of the team were Mrs Christine Ndayishimiye (BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator); Mrs Consolee Bizimana (BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator) and Mr Josias Bukuru (BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator).
At the end of the workshops Mrs Agnes Ndayikeza, Mr Remegie Gahungu, Mrs Consolee Bizimana and Mr Josias Bukuru all received their certificate of full accreditation as BRIDGE workshop facilitators. Please join us in congratulating them!








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