Consolidation of the electoral training capacity

1 December 2015



UNDP Moldova continues to assist the Center for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET), by supporting the organization of the BRIDGE Workshop on Electoral Training. The event was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, between 9 and 13 of November 2015. It gathered 23 experienced facilitators (9 Male and 14 Female), working part time or permanently for the CCET and representatives from the Central Electoral Commission from the Republic of Moldova (CEC), to offer them a clear understanding of the entire cycle of designing and implementing of electoral trainings.

The facilitation team consisted of two Moldovan BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitators – Dr. Doina Bordeianu (CCET) and Mr. Corneliu Pasat (CEC). A semi-accredited BRIDGE facilitator – Ms. Cristina Cucurudza (CCET), was involved in the training to work under the supervision of the lead facilitators. She has successfully developed and implemented her training knowledge and capacities and was fully accredited as BRIDGE workshop facilitator.

The facilitation team delivered the sessions according to the Facilitators’ Notes, though some new sessions were created and other were tailored in order to meet the CCET objectives and the participants’ interest.

The six-step approach was used for training: training needs analysis, training session planning, training materials design and development, training delivery, training evaluation, monitoring and reporting on training. The workshop has also covered such topics as specific terminology, training methods, training strategy, trainer credibility, tips for the organization of an efficient training etc. The participants were actively involved in the activities and had such tasks as: evaluating the training needs of different stakeholders, developing a session plan, developing training materials, analyze study cases etc.

The training followed BRIDGE rules and methodology. The participants worked a lot in small groups and exercised their abilities to create and implement their ideas on the topic. They have showed a high interest for the proposed topics and have actively contributed to the achievement of the session’s goals. A special session was dedicated to the planning of capacity building process. In order to confer a practical use of the training, the participants were asked to think about the Moldovan context and the CCET activity.

All seven cross-cutting themes: gender, accessibility, integrity, environment, technology, sustainability and conflict management were mainstreamed during the BRIDGE training by facilitators and by participants through a daily reporting exercise.

The workshop has helped the participants to consolidate their skills needed to deliver a training, but also offered them new information that made them be aware of the complexity and structure of the entire training process. It represented an important step for the development of the necessary knowledge that will help the trainers in the future to get involved in all the 6 stages of the training process, strengthening in such a way the CCETcapacities.

Final evaluations of the participants showed that the workshop was a success. It was characterized as interesting, intensive, active, relevant, important and useful. All 23 participants said that the workshop met their expectations and their knowledge in electoral training considerably improved.

The training received many positive feedbacks:

“My communication skills improved a lot by participating at this training!”

“I have no regrets that I took a leave and came to this workshop. Thank you so much for offering me the possibility to attend this training.”

“The information was provided in an interesting, positive and accessible way.”

“At the beginning I was thinking that 5 days is too much for this topic. I couldn’t figure out that there are so many important and interesting things to explore about the electoral training”

“This training changed my life!!!”



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