Electoral Observation Workshop NSW Parliament

1-3 November 2022


The AEC brings the Electoral Observation Module to the Parliament of New South Wales (NSW)


In an Australian first, BRIDGE facilitators from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) conducted the BRIDGE Electoral Observation Module for elected representatives and staff of the Parliament of NSW. The 3-day workshop ran from 1-3 November 2002 and was organized by the NSW branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.


The workshop was customized to meet the needs of the 17 participants who are interested in participating in election observer missions. It broadly covered:

·       the purpose of election observation

·       the principles and international instruments that underpin international election observation

·       domestic and international election observers

·       observation assessment guidelines and training

·       code of conduct for election observers

·       the deployment of election observers, and

·       the development of reports and recommendations.

The workshop included theoretical and practical information and activities that gave participants the opportunity to explore the extensive logistical and administration arrangements election observation missions require to be effective. Participants also gained an understanding of participating in electoral observation in a constructive, respectful and culturally appropriate way.

The workshop was extremely well received by the participants with evaluations being universally positive. All felt the workshop gave them information to help them make decisions about whether or not to participate in international election observation missions.

The facilitation team extends its thanks and appreciation to the organizing team at NSW Parliament for their assistance in the preparation of the workshop and for their hospitality.

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Face to face workshop
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Introduction to Electoral Administration
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Professional Development of Staff