Electoral Officials Participate in a BRIDGE Showcase in Bolivia

14 December 2005

A sample of curriculum activities was presented to over a dozen Latin American electoral officers with experience in capacity building. The purpose of the showcase was to give the participants first-hand experience of the BRIDGE methodology, and to assess the usefulness of the curriculum in a Latin American context.

BRIDGE participants – Bolivia Showcase

A selection of modules were offered, with activities ranging from discussing the basic functions and responsibilities of electoral management bodies, to more complex comparative analyses of electoral systems. In evaluating the BRIDGE curriculum, participants highlighted the interactive nature of the methodology with its adult learning techniques, and the modules’ systematisation of all the different elements of an electoral process.

The participants seemed to have enjoyed the opportunity to meet and establish contacts with colleagues from different countries. A working group is currently being established to adapt the BRIDGE curriculum so that it can be implemented in the Latin American region as soon as possible.

Link to AECI Bolivia:www.aeci.org.bo

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