Electoral Security Administration Workshop – Hammamet, Tunisia

2 December 2019

Electoral Security Administration Workshop

Libya Electoral Security Planning and Implementation Project (LESPI) project

18-22 November 2019 – Hammamet, Tunisia

In the context of the Libya Electoral Security Planning and Implementation Project (LESPI) project, Creative Associates has conducted the BRIDGE Electoral Security module in Hammamet, Tunisia, from November 18-22, 2019, for 22 participants from the three LESPI Libyan partners: Ministry of Interior (MOI), HNEC and CCMCE and Creative. The workshop aimed at building the capacity of the Libya electoral security partners and develop the skills of their main trainers as electoral security trainers equipped with the required knowledge and necessary skills to expand awareness in electoral security concepts, assessments, planning and monitoring tools within their own organizations both at the national and local levels.

Twenty-two participants from the main electoral security stakeholders and Creative attended the electoral security administration ToT workshop. All participants demonstrated good training skills and solid electoral experience gained through their active participation in the last electoral events in Libya from 2012.

The facilitation team comprised a mix of international and local experts in electoral security. In addition to Creative’s facilitators, Ridha Missaoui, a Bridge facilitator and director of the Tunisian election commission (ISIE) has delivered sessions on the Tunisian experience in securing the latest elections rounds between September and November 2019.

The facilitation team comprised the following facilitators:

  • Riyadh Burshan (Creative- Libya)
  • Haitham Younes (Creative- Libya)
  • Taha Elmsallati (Creative- Libya)
  • Khadeja Baba (Creative- Libya)
  • Salem Ferkash (Creative- Libya)
  • Ridha Missaoui ( ISIE- Tunisia)
  • Emad Yousef (CoP- Creative- Jordan)

The training workshop followed a 5-day program of topics. Workshop topics were designed and adapted to meet the specific needs of participants, and LESPI objectives. The facilitation team identified and tailored specific workshop activities including theoretical and practical topics, according to the following structure:

Day 1                Introduction to Electoral Security Administration, Electoral Violence Pre, during and post-election, Victims and Perpetrators of Electoral Violence.

Day 2                Factors of ‘electoral Violence, Electoral Security Stakeholders, Electoral Security Systems, ES Forecasting and Analytical Frameworks, Electoral        Assessments Summary Findings.

Day 3                Electoral Security Assessment Framework, Conducting an Electoral Security Assessment, Electoral Security Planning.

Day 4                Electoral Security Monitoring: Aggie and Ushahidi Technology Tools.

Day 5                Training Techniques and Training Skills.

The Libya Electoral Security Planning and Implementation Project (LESPI) aims at supporting the electoral process in Libya with robust and pro-active electoral security measures, key to reinstating public faith in a non-lethal, accessible, and legitimate electoral process that fosters long-term stability. Through the LESPI project, Creative is engaging with formal security and electoral stakeholders, notably the Ministry of Interior (MOI), High National Election Commission (HNEC), and the Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE) through mentoring, training, and public outreach to ensure elections are significantly less violent.


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