Fiji Elections Office focuses on team

9 February 2006

“This collaboration is an effort toward building the capacity of a strong cadre of trained and certified electoral administrators within the Elections office for the upcoming and future elections” said Semesa Karavaki, the Supervisor of the Fiji Elections Office.

“To hold an efficient election, Fiji needs a permanent elections office and a well qualified team of administrators who do not disappear into the woodwork of Fiji’s civil service after every election but who remain part of a strong team whose capacity strengthens as they gain in experience after every electoral event. These training sessions are an effort toward that endeavour”

Sadhna Sen, a Junior Fellow at the DSP program, said the BRIDGE course was a unique, innovative and flexible course on electoral administration designed to offer experienced officials new insight into the principles underlying their tasks.

She said “the course would give people new to the field a comprehensive introduction to their work and inform those outside the field of the key challenges that arise during elections.

Participants at the Fiji BRIDGE Course

“It aims to accelerate the learning of skills and knowledge of participants and instil commitment to ethical behaviour”.

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