First BRIDGE in Libya

22 March 2012

UNDP-Libya has organized four BRIDGE training workshops in Tripoli to support civil society and develop Libyan human resources in civic education. The Training of Civic Education Instructors- TCEI program aims at developing the capacity and skills of young Libyan instructors and accrediting them as BRIDGE civic education instructors. These instructors will become invaluable resources to disseminate skills in civic education among a larger group of potential users, be they public or non-governmental. They will be able to train in turn more civic educators that will take charge of bringing civic knowledge to Libyan citizens and of fostering their civic engagement.

Apprentice instructors will undergo a three-step training & certification phase as follows:

Phase 1

Step 1: 1-week training workshop focusing on basic elements of democracy & governance

Step 2: Homework by participants and distance mentoring by expert facilitators

Step 3: 2 week TtF workshop with focus on civic education methods, training techniques and curriculum development

→ Successful trainees receive a semi-accreditation certificate

Phase 2

Step 4: Participants, divided into groups will be responsible for developing and adapting BRIDGE materials and implement them in workshops targeting their communities.

→ Successful facilitators receive their full accreditation and final certification as civic education instructors.

For the purpose of the TCEI, the following BRIDGE modules and resources will be used in the two rounds of training workshops planned:

1. Module on Introduction to Electoral Administration

2. Module on Civic Education

3. Module on Voter Information

4. DG (Democracy & Governance) BRIDGE Module on Dialogue

5. Train-the-Facilitator Module


The main objective of the TCEI is to support the Youth Engagement Strategy implemented by Tripoli University, in particular its intent to offer civic education classes to students. Therefore, many of the candidates for the TCEI were selected among the university graduates with a strong motivation to become civic education instructors.

Twenty-six (15 females and 11 males) participants completed phase 1 of the program.. 13 of them representing universities, and the other 13 representing women & youth CSOs.

The first DG-BRIDGE workshop was facilitated by the facilitators Emad Yousef, Reem Ersheid and Donia Ben Romdhane. Emad Yousef and Reem Ershied facilitated the TtF.

Audience(s) for this workshop:
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