First BRIDGE Train the Facilitators workshop in Romania

17 June 2015


The first BRIDGE Train the Facilitators workshop in Romania was conducted between 15 and 24 May 2015 with the financial support of UNDP Romania through its “Support to the Permanent Electoral Authority (PEA) and local public administration in Romania to implement best practices in electoral processes management” project. The course was organized for the electoral officials from Permanent Electoral Authority and held in English.

Given the knowledge and experience capital accumulated by Romania in its transition period in the field of electoral management and given the commitment of the PEA to engage with partners in experience sharing exercises, it was important for the staff of the PEA to further consolidate their capacities to implement electoral assistance programmes and projects, complementing their technical knowledge with a firm grasp of training techniques and presentation skills. In this context, the organization of a first TTF addressed to representatives of the PEA was an important step towards a more substantial electoral assistance engagement of Romania, especially since there is only one BRIDGE accredited trainer in Romania.

The TtF was facilitated by Dr. Doina Bordeianu, Accrediting BRIDGE Facilitator and Sara Staino, Workshop BRIDGE Facilitator. In total, 16 participants (8 Male and 8 Female) took part in the training. All of them are currently working at Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania in different positions, including in Ilfov branch of PEA.

During the ten days of workshop, participants were exposed to the various facilitation techniques adapted to different learning styles. For the paired presentations were chosen activities/ topics from 8 BRIDGE modules.

Evaluation of participants’ performance was provided verbally after the each of the sessions presented. Participants were evaluated by their peers and facilitators for both their individual and teamwork. The workshop facilitators evaluated each participant in individual interviews to provide feedback from the facilitators about his/her performance during the training.

Final participant evaluations of the seminar showed the workshop was a success. It was characterized as interesting, intensive, active, relevant, important and useful. Most of participants said that the workshop met their expectations and improved their training skills and capacities as facilitators. All participants highly appreciated how the workshop was organized.

Some of the Participants’ Feedback: “My experience in BRIDGE was interesting, helpful, interactive, funny and challenging” (Catalina, 36 years); “BRIDGE helped me to overcome my personal limits and taught me new learning technics” (Vlad, 23 years); “After BRIDGE, I realized the trainings that I was used to were actually boring for participants” (Mircea, 31 years), “BRIDGE methodology is important not just for learning, but also for further developing of the career and even for improving certain aspects of participants personality“. (Andrada-Maria, 30 years).

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