Gender Equality and Elections

1 January 1970

Article-1st Gender and Elections Modular Workshop in Somaliland


The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) with the support of the European Union, held a BRIDGE Gender and Elections Modular Workshop from 19th – 23rd Nov,2023 in Hargeisa Somaliland.

The workshop was attended by 35 women leaders drawn from political parties women leaders, women leaders in political associations, civil society organisations working in governance and elections, women candidates for 2021 elections from all the regions in Somaliland.

The European Union funded the project that hosted the BRIDGE Gender and Election Module. As part of the project “Strengthening of Political Parties in Somaliland”, the component “Increased capabilities of women to participate in decision-making processes” contributes to the participation of women in decision-making processes within the political institutions.

The workshop was officially opened by Abdirahman Osman Gaas, NIMD Programme manager, who is in charge of inclusive gender programmes. Mr Adnan also made some remarks on behalf of the European Union which was the funding partner for the BRIDGE workshop.


The main comments from the oral evaluation revealed that participants were satisfied with the following;

•          Active Participation

•          Varied methods of delivery

•          Enjoyed exercises

•          Approach involved all participants

•          Liked the rich BRIDGE curriculum

•          Methodology encourages thinking through

•          Facilitators had knowledge and gave confidence

•           Sessions such as the level playing field challenged the individual to do more in terms  

            of gender awareness.

The participants reflected on Somaliland and agreed that a lot of advocacy with policymakers and collaborations with similar-minded organisations and influential women on public awareness of women’s inclusion was needed.

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