Gorée Institute trains 30 journalists from community radio ahead of the 2012 elections in Senegal

13 March 2012

As part of an EU funded project to support Senegalese civil society in domestic observation, Gorée Institute implemented a series of BRIDGE trainings in the pre-election phase to build the capacities of key stakeholders.

The Network of Domestic Observers named RESOCIT is constituted by two organizations: Gorée Institute and the Collectif des Organisations de la Société Civile pour les Elections (COSCE). RESOCIT is funded by the European Union, USAID, OSIWA and IFES. The activities of the network are implemented around 4 components:


-Media monitoring;

-Monitoring of electoral violence;

-Voter information.

Since Gorée Institute is the West African hub for ACE and BRIDGE it was decided to contextualize some BRIDGE materials to train journalists from community radios and make them more aware of their role in the electoral process.

The BRIDGE training on the role of media in the electoral process was organized at Gorée Institute, Senegal, February 9th to 11th 2012. The main topics of the training were: introduction to BRIDGE, role of media in elections, introduction to the electoral cycle, working with stakeholders, introduction to the legal framework of elections in Senegal, media and the electoral cycle.

Facilitators to the training were:

Ibrahima Amadou Niang, Expert Facilitator and,

Doudou Dia, BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator.

Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
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