Great Nawojians elevated Media and Elections BRIDGE Modular Workshop to a high level

16 July 2014

This was the second similar workshop to be held in July for media practitioners in Nigeria.

Great Great Nawojians is their slogan which was echoed during the workshop. It motivated and inspired all participants to engage fully in the workshop. (NAWOJ) members welcomed the event as timely and participated with great enthusiasm and actively took part in all the sessions.

The training workshop on Media and Elections, using the Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) curriculum was sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Democratic Governance for Development (DGD) project.

The workshop was attended by forty-one (41 Women Journalist under the aegis of NAWOJ to improve INEC’s relationships with other stakeholders, particularly, the Media, in preparation of the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. The main focus of the workshop was to capacitate media practitioners with best practices on international guiding principles and standards, increase understanding and knowledge on the role of media in elections as well as to enhance professionalism in the coverage of elections.

In this regard, the workshop covered electoral principles, structures, laws and processes as they affect media regulation in general as well as in Nigeria, roles of media and the electoral cycle and public outreach campaigns. Mechanisms and strategies to improve communication and relationships between INEC and the media in advance of 2015 General elections were also explored.

Ms Toyin Adewale Gabriel, a Media Expert with UNDP graced the occasion and sat through some of the sessions. Her contributions enhanced the knowledge sharing amongst participants. Mr. Nick Dazang, Deputy Director (Publicity) was an invited guest who engaged with NAWOJ members and received their concerns. NAWOJ appealed for more engagements and that INEC should collaborate with NAWOJ through the NUJ (National Union of Journalist) in terms of election coverage and requested that all participants to the BRIDGE workshop get automatic accreditation for 2015 General elections.

Rindai Chipfunde Vava was the Lead Facilitator, while Mr. Kelechi Maduneme and Magdaline Aku, Senior officials with INEC were the other facilitators.

Great appreciation was given to UNDP and its DGD international partners: European Union, UK Aid and Canadian Department for Foreign Affairs Trade and Development.

Great Great Nawojians!!

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