IFES-CEC Ukraine Training Center conducts Voter and Civic ed workshop

19-21 February 2020


From February 19-21, IFES, the CEC and the joint IFES-CEC Training Center held a three-day workshop on voter and civic education using the comprehensive and interactive Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) training curriculum.

The workshop engaged representatives of the CEC and CEC Secretariat, national and international civil society organizations working in civic and voter education. The workshop explored different concepts and approaches to civic education, electoral education and voter information to assist informed public policy decisions as well as the merits of a long-term, strategic approach to a voter and civic education. With less than a year before 2020 local elections in the autumn, the workshop was designed to help electoral stakeholders develop and implement voter information and education campaigns for target audiences throughout Ukraine.

Face to face workshop
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Voter and Civic Education
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