IFES Kicks off first BRIDGE training in Niger

8 December 2010

IFES was awarded a cooperative agreement for Niger through the USAID/CEPPS mechanism in August 2010 to assist the Niger National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) in conducting the upcoming elections through the provision of technical assistance in the areas of electoral operations, financial planning, civic education, and capacity building. On October 6 & 7, 2010, IFES held its first modular BRIDGE training in Niamey, essentially targeting the 30 members of the CENI in charge of training.

This training was the first set of a series of BRIDGE workshops that IFES will be conducting for CENI members throughout the electoral process of 2010/2011. 

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To discuss and brainstorm on the general capacity building and operational training plan that will be designed and implemented for all CENI members at the national and local levels before the end of year 2010;
  • To equip CENI members in charge of training with the capacity building tools from the BRIDGE methodology, the international principles of electoral management and the key to the successful training of an adult audience;
  • To discuss and exchange on the recent changes that have occurred in the Nigerien electoral legal framework and their effects on the holding of the different elections throughout March 2011.

The workshop was facilitated in French by Kamissa Camara (IFES Program Coordinator for West Africa and BRIDGE Workshop Facilitator), Corneille Nangaa (IFES Program Director in Niger and BRIDGE Accrediting Facilitator). The facilitation team was later joined by Mr. Idi Daouda, Nigerien Legal Expert, who presented on the Nigerien legal framework.

Audience(s) for this workshop:
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