IFES Lebanon Organized a TtF for the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities (MoIM)

21 November 2010

IFES Lebanon, and in partnership with the MoIM of Lebanon, has organized during the period 1 – 12 November 2010 a TtF workshop for the MoIM senior officials and other electoral staff. The participants gained skills and knowledge on election management training and received semi-accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators. In future programming, IFES hopes to ensure that participants are given the opportunity to receive their full accreditation.

The MoIM BRIDGE facilitators will assist IFES in conducting subsequent BRIDGE modules and other training events (in future programming). This is a crucial step towards developing the in-house capability of Lebanese election administrators to conduct ongoing capacity building activities without outside assistance. Creating a pool of local BRIDGE facilitators, and enabling the MoIM to use BRIDGE as a sustainable capacity development tool will assist in:

–          strengthening the election administrators’ capacity to conduct their work in an effective and efficient manner;

–          increasing their knowledge of international standards of free and fair elections and best practices in election administration; and

–          building teams and networks both within electoral administrations and with the broader community and electoral stakeholders

Sixteen participants participated in this workshop. Ten of them were MoIM staff working for the elections department, two were UNDP Lebanon staff, and four IFES Lebanon staff.

The facilitation team consisted of Rabab Al-Medwahi (Yemen), Emad Yousef (Jordan), Anees Abu Sbaa (Palestine), Said Sanadiki (Lebanon) and Wael Al-Faraj (Iraq).


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