IFES Libya is celebrating the International Day of People with Disabilities

5 January 2015


IFES has organized a workshop entitled “Accessibility to the electoral process”. The workshop is taking place since December 1st 2014 until December 4th, and was held in Hammamet, Tunisia.

Sixteen participants from Libyan communities have decided not to risk losing the rights to vote and to contribute actively to the democratic process.

Despite their physical disabilities (participants are people with different degrees of disability) they are very active into their own communities and, on the contrary, their disabilities is strengthening their active role in their societies and makes the difference.

Despite the security situation, affecting their country the “brave group” decided to take their own risk by crossing the border with Tunisia and to learn more about their rights and their active role in a democratic society.

The group was well distributed by mixing male and female around the many tables and participants actively participated into the role-plays.

The course illustrated the international principle for international standards related to Human Rights and Elections, the best practice for the International Observation, the existing electoral systems, and the importance of the active role on citizens into the democratic life.

The BRIDGE illustrated also the specific gaps faced by the Libyan system in regards to “accessibility of people with disability into the electoral process” the class analyzed the MENA electoral laws and their provision in this regards; debate was open on gaps and several solutions were proposed.

On the third day of the workshop (Dec 3) the class celebrate the International Day of persons with Disabilities with a special party was organized by facilitators. Participants were further motivated and happily involved.

The workshop has been organized by IFES Libya in coordination with HANDICAP International and UN Electoral project in Libya .

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