IFES provides support to the electoral stakeholders in Kyrgyzstan

23 October 2018

The Representative Office of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in the Kyrgyz Republic continues to support Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic (CEC) and State Registration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (SRS) in the capacity-building of its staff members as well as establishment and institutional development of full Training Centers within these organizations.

On September 25-27 IFES Kyrgyzstan with financial support of USAID conducted in Bishkek a BRIDGE workshop on Electoral Management and Strategic Planning for the key staff of the CEC and SRS responsible for the strategical planning, analysis, information, civic education, training and capacity building. In total 25 (14 female, 11 male) professionals from CEC, SRS and IFES Kyrgyzstan were involved in this strategizing and make it happen event facilitated by Renata Levovski, BRIDGE facilitator and head of the IFES Kyrgyzstan office, and Pavel Cabacenco, accrediting BRIDGE facilitator.

The workshop was organized in respond to the necessity to rethink the ways how election administration functions, which came after the adoption of the Strategy on improving the electoral legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018-2020.

The workshop was focused on the main principles of electoral management, importance of secretariat and the ways how efficiently organize its work, how to use strategic planning for the development of the organization and improvement of the quality of delivered services. Particularly, during the workshop, participants looked into the modalities of structuring and development of the newly created Training Centers.

The workshop brought a better understanding for both organizations about the structure, functions and strategic goals and principle of the future Training Centers. “Development of the strategies and planning is part of my job and at the beginning I was very skeptical about the workshop and what I can learn” – shared her opinion one of participants. “But the workshop overcame all my expectations. I received useful information and different/alternative vision about the organizational development of the election management bodies and institution created by them” – added her.

After the workshop its participants will become key resource persons for CEC and SRS in creation of the institutional structure, development of the vision, mission and basic principles of the Training Centers. IFES Kyrgyzstan remains open and ready to support CEC and SRS in this process.


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