Implementation Manual Progress Report

1 December 2008

Many of the common implementation issues were discussed, and strategies to address these challenges were recommended by these experienced practitioners and implementers. This dialogue was captured and text drafted for inclusion into the Manual. After the meeting, Melanie collated and distilled this material into a penultimate draft.

The timeline for the completion of V2 Implementation Manual is:

December 08 – BRIDGE office to collate and edit (post-Sydney meeting) – by 24 December

January 09 – Therese Laanela contracted by AEC to edit/proof-read – by 30 January

February 09 – BRIDGE office to send edited copy to partners for approval – BRIDGE office to send by mid-February, and partners will be given two weeks to respond

March 09 – published in hard-copy (each partner will be sent multiple copies) and on-line version uploaded

Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
Expected Outcomes: