International IDEA hosts a BRIDGE TtF in Pretoria

9 December 2009

The TtF was held due to the high number of requests IDEA had received during the year from people looking for an opportunity to join a TtF.

BRIDGE’s reputation as the world’s leading curriculum on election processes is fast spreading throughout the electoral world, as shown why the high number of requests the BRIDGE partners receive each year for people to attend BRIDGE workshops and to become accredited as BRIDGE facilitators.

All the participants were self funding, with their participation either paid for by their own organisations or some from their own pockets. Participants came from as far away as Nepal, Macedonia, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Burundi.

The very international flavour of the TtF added a wonderful dynamic to the group and in particular was shown in the variety of energizers and icebreakers that played on the international character of the group.

The workshop was facilitated by:

  • Theo Dowetin, International IDEA (Ghana)
  • Margot Gould, International IDEA (Australia)
  • Sibongile Zimemo, Consultant (South Africa)
  • Koki Muli (Kenya)
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
Expected Outcomes: