Intro to Electoral Administration Jinja, Uganda 3-6 July 2018

24 July 2018

Uganda Grp PhotoBRIDGE Introduction to Electoral Administration Module Workshop held in Jinja, Uganda on 03–06 July 2018

The Electoral Commission of Uganda – EC organised a BRIDGE Introduction to Electoral Administration course on 03–06 July 2018 at the Source of the Nile Hotel in Jinja, Uganda.

This is only one of the many approaches that the Commission employs for the purpose of strengthening the Electoral Management Body by developing the capacity of staff members for effective management of all Electoral processes and administrative activities. The BRIDGE course is one in a series of capacity development workshops that are planned and executed by the Commission as part of the training strategy to ensuring that the staff members of the Electoral Commission have the necessary skills and expertise to develop and implement strategies that will ensure that the mandate of administering free and fair elections is carried out efficiently.

Returning officers who are permanently employed by the Commission attended the workshop. They were selected from the different regional offices throughout Uganda.

The workshop was fully funded by the Electoral Commission of Uganda.

The program covered the following topics:

Elections in Global Context, Legal Framework and Reforms, Electoral Systems, Types of EMBs, Guiding Principles, Civic Education & Voter Information, Access to Electoral Processes, Strategic Planning, The Electoral Cycle and Project Management, Voter Registration, Polling and Counting, Gender and Elections.

Four BRIDGE facilitators (2 Females, 2 Males participated in the delivery of the course. The following facilitators exhibited a good combination of professional experience and diverse background and expertise:

  1. Sibongile Zimemo; (Consultant; South Africa) – Accrediting, Lead Facilitator
  2. Richard Kamugisha: (Electoral Commission of Uganda) – Workshop Facilitator
  3. Penninah Sekabembe (Electoral Commission of Uganda) – TtF Complete
  4. Charles Mashate: (Electoral Commission of Uganda) – TtF Complete

This workshop also provided an opportunity for Penninah Sekambembe and Charles Mashate (BRIDGE TtF Complete) to complete their fieldwork under the guidance of the Lead Facilitator Sibongile Zimemo and Richard Kamugisha in order to progress to being fully accredited BRIDGE facilitators. They exhibited commitment, dedication and outstanding performance. Due to the amount of time, effort and number of workshops conducted previously and their performance during this workshop they both met the requirements to proceed to the next level of Workshop Facilitator.

13 participants (6 Females and 7 Males) participated in the workshop. The experience, content knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by all participants throughout the workshop contributed to the achievement of the aim and objectives of the training.  While the group of participants was made up of mostly seasoned officers with vast electoral experience, there were some with limited experience, however their content knowledge was exceptional and the level of creativity and innovation cannot be questioned and it contributed to the success of the workshop. Participants exchanged information, experiences and practices among themselves and with the facilitators. The positive team spirit amongst the participants and facilitators assisted everyone to participate and perform at the best of their ability.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the well-organised workshop and professionalism of the facilitators and the knowledge they acquired.

Great interaction and contribution from all the participants, well done!

Great facilitation team, well done!

Well done Penny and Charlie; welcome to the BRIDGE family!

Thanking the EC Director of Field Operations Mr Leonard Mulekwah for gracing us with his presence during the last day of the workshop, for his valuable contribution and for an inspiring closing speech.

Thanking everyone for the sterling work, which contributed tremendously to the success of the workshop.

Thanking the Electoral Commission of Uganda -EC for sponsoring and organising the workshop.

   All the best to all who were present at this memorable workshop


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