Introduction to Electoral Administration

8-10 September 2023


UNDP Ethiopia organised three-day BRIDGE Introduction to Electoral Administration modular workshops for the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) staff as part of a broad professional development programme to develop a cadre skilled in workshop facilitation and awareness of available resources, as well as enhance broad knowledge of key principles and standards of election administration in the context of the different phases of the electoral cycle. 

The workshop was conducted during 8-10 September in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and facilitated by two accrediting level facilitators – Natia Kashakashvili and Shalva Tskhakaya, supported by three TF-complete facilitators Helen Mulugeta Tekle, Abebayehu Desalegn Lojamo and Yoseph Mergu Alula. The workshop was facilitated in English language. Twenty-two participants (seven female and fifteen male) representing NEBE, UN Women, and IFES attended the workshop during 8-10 September.

The workshop aimed at introducing the electoral topics, e.g., key international obligations of elections, legal framework of elections, principles of electoral system design, electoral management body models/powers/functions and stakeholder relationships, electoral operational planning and main building blocks of institutional excellence.

Participants have shown interest and actively engaged in all the activities. The participants mostly recommended to extend number of days of the workshop to allow them to receive more information/knowledge, while the mostly appreciated element was the participatory/adult learning approach:

  • The workshop was so informative and interesting. Delivery was excellent and activities were participatory. Time is well managed and overall, I enjoyed the workshop and gained new skills and knowledge on election administration.
  • The facilitators are very experienced. Creative approach is unforgettable for me.
  • It was the most participatory training that I have attended on election topic.
  • This is the best training I have ever attended. Well organized, motivating, respectful and creates environment to learn more.
  • I really wish all my colleagues to receive this training. The training methodologies are very unique comparing to the trainings I have attended before. Grateful that I was invited to this training.
Natia Kashakashvili, Shalva Tskhakaya, Yoseph Mergu Alula, Abebayehu Desalegn Lojamo, Helen Mulugeta Tekle
Addis Ababa
Face to face workshop
Audience(s) for this workshop:
Electoral Management Body
Modules used at this workshop:
Introduction to Electoral Administration
Expected Outcomes:
Provide Electoral Principles to Staff, Professional Development of Staff