Iraq’s Double Introduction!

19 February 2013

IFES organized in cooperation with IHEC (Independent High electoral Commission)  in Iraq two BRIDGE Introduction to Election Administration workshops.The first workshop took place from January 20 to 24, 2013 and the second one was from January 27 to 31, 2013. Both workshops were held in Erbil, Iraq. Participants came from different departments of the IHEC covering most of Iraq’s governorates.
 Six BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of the first workshop:
1. Ossama Kamel (Independent BRIDGE expert facilitator)
2. Mariwan Arif (IHEC BRIDGE workshop facilitator)
3. Mazin Theban Aldaif (IHEC BRIDGE workshop facilitator)
4. Ahmed Jabbar Hassan (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)
5. Jumana Zuhair Raoof (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)
6. Jawad Dhoaia Sirjeel (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)

Six BRIDGE facilitators participated in the second workshop as well:

1. Ossama Kamel (Independent BRIDGE expert facilitator)
2. Saad Madhloom Abdullah (IHEC BRIDGE workshop facilitator)
3. Tara Abdullah Media (IHEC BRIDGE workshop facilitator)
4. Mohamed Dhirgham Khayri (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)
5. Entisar Ghazi Dabkh (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)
6. Karwan Rahman Omar (IHEC BRIDGE semi- accredited facilitator)

Five of the semi-accredited facilitators obtained their full accreditation and became BRIDGE workshop facilitators.

Audience(s) for this workshop:
Modules used at this workshop:
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