Jordan TtF Workshop: The First Step for the IEC in its Professional Accreditation Program for Election Officials.

17 June 2014


 IEC Jordan and IFES Jordan are currently conducting activities under the Professional Accreditation Program that aim at:

  •  Developing and implementing professional training programs for the IEC’s permanent staff, temporary staff and stakeholders based on international election education curriculums (such as BRIDGE); and
  •  Developing a national team of accredited trainers and facilitators specialized in elections, which would be able to use the approved development curriculum without the international assistance and would be considered a source of eligible trainers at national and regional level.

In the context of the above-mentioned project, IEC and IFES, with USAID funding, have conducted the “Train the Facilitator” (TtF) workshop in Amman – Jordan between 27th of May till 7th of June 2014. The aim of the TtF workshop was to accredit a high-quality group of facilitators for developingthe IEC’s long-term training and professional development program.

The workshop was conducted in Arabic and English (with simultaneous translation) by two expert facilitators: Ossama Kamel and Natia Kashakashvili.

The training workshop followed a typical structure of a TtF workshop. With 10 training days and 22 participants divided into 11 pairs, the agenda followed the following framework:

May 27-28 Participants were introduced to BRIDGE history and its methodology, the aim of the TtF and learning outcomes. Facilitators delivered activities on training techniques and challenges during training. By the end of the first day, participants were allocated specific time to conduct one energizer during the next 10 days. On day 2, participants were broken into the pairs of and were tasked to prepare presentation of specific topic (facilitation notes and reference material were provided).

May 29-30 Pairs did their first presentations (30 minutes) from Legal Framework Module and were given feedback and recommendations on improvement

May 31 Participants evaluated the impact of the first paired presentations; Facilitators delivered sessions on curriculum drafting and then paired participants into new pairs who were tasked to draft the Facilitator Notes (instructions) and provide reference materials according to the drafted notes. The topics on EMB design were selected for the second paired presentations.

June 1-2 Days off

June 3 Pairs swapped the drafted notes (with pre-assigned pairs) and briefed the pair on the activity drafted. Pairs then prepared for the second presentations (based on the handed materials)

June 4-6 Pairs did their second presentations (45 minutes) and were given observation on progression. Participants together with the facilitators then evaluated the impact of the second presentations.

June 7 Facilitators introduced participants to BRIDGE implementation steps, rules and usage of the BRIDGE web-page. Participants evaluated the TtF conduct; also got individual interviews with the lead facilitators. During closing ceremony all participants were granted certificates of semi-accreditation as BRIDGE facilitators.

Participants evaluated the conduct and impact of the workshop positively. They have praised the good organization and logistics of the workshop that fostered positive learning environment. Participants have noted about importance to be away from everyday responsibilities to better focus on preparations for the presentations and understand the co-facilitator’s style.

Participants, in their written evaluation noted that they have learnt:

  • the main principles for specialized professional development in election work
  • how to structure the training program and what are the techniques and the tools to be used to achieve the learning outcomes
  • about training skills from participants’ positive feedback during the presentations
  • important aspects about personal characteristics as a trainer and weaknesses that one have to improve and/or avoid
  • to pay attention to time, training strategies and the content simultaneously during each session/presentation
  • the importance of the team work and good preparation before the session/training

Following the TtF learning outcomes and assessment criteria, and based on the evaluation of the facilitators of the first and second presentations done by all participants, as well as the daily participation and interaction of participants, the two facilitators agreed on granting the semi-accreditation to all participants. This should not hide the fact that different levels of participants have been noticed that might give indication on the future development of individual facilitators.








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