Moldova EMB enhances its capacity with accredited facilitators

2 January 2014

UNDP Moldova Democracy Programme/Elections, in partnership with the Central Elections Commission of Moldova and the CEC Continuous Training Centre, held the Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop during December 2-13, 2013, in Chisinau, Moldova.

Moldovan BRIDGE programme started in 2009 with a Train the Facilitator (TfF) workshop. Since 2009 there have been ten thematic workshops held in Moldova (on Introduction in electoral Administration, External Voting, Civic Education, Voter Registration; Political Party Finance, Strategic Planning and Gender). CEC members and staff have also participated in regional thematic BRIDGE workshops and in one regional TtF.

The aim of the TtF was to increase the number of BRIDGE facilitators in Moldova as through the Needs Assessment (conducted at the CEC during the first quarter of 2013) BRIDGE workshops were revealed as an important element for CEC staff professional development.

Expert Facilitator Natia Kashakashvili and Accrediting Level Facilitator Shalva Tskhakaya led the workshop with assistance of two local accrediting level facilitators, Ms. Doina Bordeianu and Mr. Pavel Cabacenco. Workshop was conducted in Russian language. Activities from Electoral Training Module and Introduction to Election Administration module were used for first and second paired presentations. Module on Strategic and Financial Planning was assembled in binder for participants as a guide to BRIDGE materials. Each participant was given the set of following materials: Participants’ Workbook; Facilitation Manual; Strategic and Financial planning Module (in Binder); USB flash drive with all the soft copies of the above mentioned materials, DVD with the recent BRIDGE curriculum.

In total of 13 participants were granted semi-accreditation: 6 staff members from several departments of the Central Election Commission of Moldova and 7 trainers from the CEC Continuous Training Center. To obtain full accreditation, participants were required to successfully accomplish the following mandatory activities under supervision of accrediting facilitators.

  • Facilitate an activity in pair;
  • Conduct energizer;
  • Draft and design activity in pair, based on predetermined learning outcome and resources;
  • Facilitate activity drafted by other pair.
  • Attend and actively participate throughout the workshop.

The Train the Facilitator Workshop was opened by the welcome speech from CEC deputy Chair Dr. Ştefan Urîtu and UNDP CTA Johan Hommes, who talked about the importance of the BRIDGE TtF and wished participants the successful conduct of the two-week course. Participants were well selected with adequate expectations and relevant job descriptions in their everyday professional environment. Throughout the workshop, participants were guided to discover a myriad of facilitation techniques and methodologies that they have put into practice during their presentation of BRIDGE activities as well as energizers and icebreakers.

The TtF workshop was conducted in a very positive atmosphere, with constructive feedbacks from the participants and facilitators. Final feedback from participants was highly positive: they have all expressed their eagerness to harness the acquired skills and knowledge so as to improve their performance at their organizations.

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